10th West Scare House

By 10th West Scare House (other events)

12 Dates Through Oct 31, 2022

The 10th West Scare House is Logan's favorite Halloween attraction, located at 900 N 1000 W in Logan, Utah. This is a place you're likely to never forget and may never return from. Unlike a lot of haunted attractions, we pride ourselves in offering "tasteful scaring" without resorting to over-the-top gore. With more than 4000 square feet of haunting space indoors and more than two acres of amazing outdoor fun, we welcome all guests who dare to enter.


•  Live performers, cinematic illusions, lights, loud sounds, automatronic elements and images. The 10th West Scare House is designed to startle you and uses a variety of techniques and scenes to do so.

•  Security. Staff will be throughout the premises to escort people through the scare house and grounds and ensure a safe experience for all visitors.

•  Cold. A portion of the 10th West Scare House experience is outdoors -- dress accordingly. We will not close in case of inclement weather. If it's too cold or rainy for you, you can come again at a different time: tickets are valid for one admission any day.


•  Harassment. Performers are trained to interact with and startle guests, but they will not touch or hassle you. •  Satanic imagery.

•  Excessive guts and gore.

•  An age limit. We do not recommend the experience for young children, but we instead advise parents to use their own discretion.  There is loud noises, spooky noises & music, actors jumping out and wearing masks and makeup. If your child is easily scared by these kinds of things, think better of it.


Mailing Address

919 N 1000 W Logan, UT 84321